What we do

Brief Summary of the project:
In Nepal, spinal cord injured or paralyzed people are regarded as a burden to a family and/or community, mainly because of mobility problems. Due to the inaccessible structure, they are denied of many basic human rights. Integration within the family is also not so convenient for them and therefore they have to be confined in their bed doing nothing.

Therefore, this project aims to create awareness in the community about the need and human rights of these people. We aim to establish an independent living center for physically disabled, especially paralyzed people. Advocate for making accessible structures in public and private places and providing necessary assistive devices for mobility and income-generating opportunities to make paralyzed people productive and self-reliant. This is a unique project in reference to Nepal as until now no organization has initiated any such project for paralyzed people. 

The direct beneficiaries of the project are people with physical disabilities with mobility problems, but all types of people with disabilities will benefit through awareness-raising health education and can get opportunities to participate in the training provided by the organization and become a member of the groups.

The overall objective of the project:
To increase the self-esteem of people with disabilities by creating awareness in the community and by providing various skill development training and income-generating opportunities to people with disabilities especially paralyzed persons. We are also currently expanding our organizational borders and working with the children (street, orphans or handicaps) that are the victims of natural and man-induced disasters.  

We currently provide a range of services to people with disabilities living in the Pokhara area, which include:

  • A skills development program that aims to enable persons with a disability to generate income and prepare for employment.
  • An independent living center, providing a permanent residence for three disabled persons at the same time thus promoting their community presence and participation.
  • Awareness-raising sessions with mothers groups, school teachers, health workers, and the local community.
  • Counseling to persons affected by spinal cord injury and their families.

Some of our immediate objectives:

  • To create a positive social attitude towards people with disabilities.
  • To provide skill development training to people with disabilities.
  • To establish an independent living center for the paralyzed/disabled people.
  • Physiotherapy services.
  • To provide psychological and emotional support to the children, equip them with different pieces of training, and provide a comprehensive rehabilitation service.

Future Plans:  

  • To establish a special needs school
  • To establish an orthotic and prosthetic workshop
  • To establish a physiotherapy center   
  • To establish an SCI center

Who we are:

SCIAN is an organization run by disabled people who advocates for disabled people.  It is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. 

Our vision:

SCIAN envisages a society where all people irrespective of their disability will enjoy equal human rights, opportunities, and lead a dignified social life.


SCIAN is committed to bring about lasting change for the overall development of people with disabilities through awareness-raising on the environment, health, human rights and provide socio-economic services maximizing local resources available.

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