Donations wanted to establish a Stem Cell Therapy Hospital and Rehabilitation Center | Volunteers with good proposal writing skills wanted

Introduction to SCIAN

SCIAN- a first registered charity organization based on Himalayan foothills in Pokhara- has been concentrating its activities in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of physically handicapped and victimized children. Since its inception in 2000, it has now been extending its organizational borders with an aim in reaching the people that are worst hit by the recent earthquake. In the wake of recent disasters, people with several disabilities are increasing every day and to address their needs is our prime concern. Importantly, several parallel programs are undergoing at the moment and the focus has been made to the people belonging to the underprivileged group and the orphan children. As far as the organizational structure is concerned, this has been run by the handicap people in a more organized way and mainly concentrates on delivering help to the needy disabled people. 

SCIAN was the first registered spinal cord charity in Nepal. 

As a founding chairman of this organization, Hari K. Sharma has extended the organizational borders with smooth and parallel running of different projects with a focus on improving the lives of the newly disabled.  New skills such as candle or incense making training are regularly organized so they the handicaps may set up business to support themselves.

The SCIAN are very good at fixing broken chairs and reusing them after the previous owners have passed on but even small donations would make a big difference.  If you are going to Nepal we would encourage you to visit our organization to learn much more new we have done so far to uplift the socio-economic conditions of poor and disables.

Volunteers wanted:

We are seeking volunteers who can assist us in our different activities. Volunteers are expected to write up a small proposal showing their interest for the prospective projects. Please drop by your mails to to know more in detail.

Who we are:

SCIAN is an organization run by disabled people who advocate for disabled people.  It is a non-governmental, non-profit making social organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. 

Our vision:

SCIAN envisages a society where all people irrespective of their disability will enjoy equal human rights, opportunities and lead a dignified social life. 

Newly constructed Rehabilitation Center

Message from the Chair: 

SCIAN is an NGO running and working for and by people with different disabilities. Your help of any sort will be very useful for us in upgrading different programs for helping the people in need. Skills development programs for disabled people are our prime goal. Moreover, now we are seeking people with grants writing skills for our different activities. In case, if you want to know more about our activities, please feel free to contact me at

Donate us and make a difference

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.

Pokhara Branch, Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal.

A/C name: Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal

Current A/C No.: 01-1276913-01


SCIAN is committed to bring about lasting change for an overall development of people with disabilities through awareness raising on the environment, health, human rights and provide socio-economic services maximizing local resources available.

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