About Spinal Cord Injury Association-Nepal (SCIAN)

In Nepal, disability is regarded as a form of punishment given by the god. Having a disabled member in the family affects the social reputation and relations of the whole family. Worst enough, the social physical structure is inaccessible to people with disabilities (PWDs), and they are mostly denied with basic human rights i.e. education, health care, employment etc.

Particularly for persons with spinal cord injury (SCI), most of them have to be confined within their house, because of the negative social attitude, these people are not welcome for social participation. Most of the places, for instance, the buildings of the public and private houses are very not wheelchair friendly to such persons, creating a big social  barriers for these peoples.

Assistive /mobility devices are also not easily available in the country and the very few imported items are out of reach of poor disabled people. In this scenario, we are striving hard to address the general issues that every PWD's is facing and the problems faced by spinal cord injured and paralyzed people because of the unique nature of their disability. Since its inception in 2000, SCIAN has been run by disabled people who advocates for disabled people. It is entirely a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities.

People with physical disabilities, in particular spinal cord injury, many of them are bound to get confined to their homes. Remarkably, the society have different attitudes towards these people which they experience within their communities but it is also compounded by the fact that the physical structure of the majority of public and private buildings in Nepal are not accessible for wheelchair users. In addition to this, assistive /mobility devices are not available in the country and the few imported items, are generally out of reach to disabled persons of low socio-economic status. Therefore, this organization aims to address the issue of basic human rights for people with a disability and to promote social inclusion through improved access to education, employment and healthcare.

Overall objective of the project:

To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to physically disabled people because of spinal cord injury (SCI) and other reasons by maximizing available local resources and sharing expertise with other organizations working in the field of disability.

Volunteering opportunities:

We have the volunteering opportunities for students, experts, non-professional and people from all walks of life. The volunteers should pay all the charges depending upon their stay with us. They can rest with an individual family (Home-stay) or can stay in a separate apartments. For the interested ones, we have a provision of sending them for trekking with some additional costs. The trekking can be done for a week long on Mount Annapurna (from Pokhara to Jomson) from where the beautiful panorama of the spectacular Himalayas can be lavished. The volunteers can come alone or in groups of five and can work in various sectors, like English teaching in schools and organization, craft production section, fund raising and other organizational developmental issues. They can equally participate and enjoy the Nepali culture with folk songs.

Who we are:

SCIAN is an organization run by disabled people who advocates for disabled people.  It is entirely a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. 


SCIAN envisages a society where all people irrespective of their disability enjoys equal human rights, opportunities and lead a dignified social life.


SCIAN is committed to bring about lasting change for overall development of people with disabilities through awareness raising on environment, health, human rights and provide socio-economic services maximizing local resources available.